10 February 2014

Welcome To The New McSkeptic Blog

I'm altering my approach to writing about creationism, pseudoscience and right wing rubbish. I'll be treating them like the jokes they are, and toward that effort, I've created two new Twitter hashtags, "#AtheistHumorHub" and "#WackoTheoryWatchdog."

As the names imply, one is mainly for laughs; the other will provide links to articles that expose the wackiest, most contemptible right wing/Christian Conservative concepts, public policy propositions and efforts to impose a mostly perverse morality on the rest of us.

I've deleted all the old blog posts with the exception of one… Baba Brinkman: The Rap Guide to Evolution, a brilliant and enlightening piece of Darwin-inspired performance art. As I watched this video again, it struck me how much better the world would be if scientists had a larger role in setting public policy.

False morals will never overcome the power of DNA -- the traits we share with the animal world at large. Only by understanding why we humans behave the way we do can we channel energy away from violent confrontation or raw survival instincts and direct it towards peaceful cooperation, individual freedom and dwelling in the top two levels of Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs pyramid.

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